Saturday, March 29, 2008

Head Coach Ruud got a RUDE awakening today!

Unfortunately, for our LA Galaxy - it was an AWFUL, UGLY first day opening!
LA Galaxy vs. Colorado Rapids @ Dick's Sporting Stadium in Denver...
Clearly, Colorado got the better of us. As I predicted they were successful in frustrating and over-running us! Why? Because, our LA Galaxy was too busy trying to figure what to do... we had HUGE gaps in placement, positioning, ball-control, and experience! This is the HUGE risk that I'm sure Head Coach Ruud took away from today's match. And, Colorado totally capitalized on our inexperience! We tried to play a 4 - 3 - 3. It went horribly wrong! Why? Because our players with the exception of David Beckham, Carlos Ruiz, Alvaro Pires, and Abel Xavier - do NOT have the soccer field vision and memory-burnt in. To play 4 - 3 - 3 takes 3 - 4 years of playing in 4 - 3 - 3. We have too many young players in our team. Having young players is NOT a bad thing. It's NOT! I absolutely like Ely Allen, Sean Franklin, Julian Valentin, Michael Gavin, Brandon McDonald, and Bryan Jordan. But, they have GOT to be played in FIRM, BOUNDARIED 4 - 4 - 2 or 4 - 5 - 1 formation in this stage of their game & development! Head Coach Ruud decided to take a HUGE GAMBLE by trying to test this team. And,, by the outcome - it was clearly evident that it WILL NOT WORK! Please... Please... Please... I am begging you Head Coach Ruud, and LA Galaxy Management... Please REMOVE Peter Vagenas, Alan Gordon, Edson Buddle, and Steve Cronin from our 2008 team. It needs to be done. We have to bring in very good, hungry, fast, skillful/crafty players. We absolutely need an ATTACKING CENTRAL MIDFIELDER, LEFT-WING MIDFIELDER, LEFT-WING BACK DEFENDER, and RIGHT-WING BACK DEFENDER!!! Please get these players from Brazil / Argentina / Ecuador / Colombia. Please do it! Do it before things get any more worse! Stop playing Chris Klein in Right-Wing Back (Defender)... He cannot keep up with the current MLS attackers! Stop playing Landon Donovan on the Left-Wing... He just does not score and get the confidence to attack from LEFT. Landon Donovan should be in CENTER... and maybe on the RIGHT. Sorry, but three years is enough time to prove if you have what it takes to be a good goal keeper. Come on - experimentation OVER!

Here's a formation that will work for our Galaxy in 1st Half (45 - 55 Minutes):





Here's the formation to use for our Galaxy in the 2nd Half (55 - 100 Minutes):





By the final score of that game (our first away game in 2008) : Colorado Rapids WON (4 - 0).

2008 MLS Season got underway today!

Some observations on three MLS opening day matches that I got to watch. And, I am so glad that MLS season is finally here. This will be an exciting year for many teams, I imagine!

Match ONE : Columbus Crew vs. Toronto FC @ Columbus
Once again, Sigi Schmid showed that he has the "where-with-all" to make good, solid choices when it comes to forming his team. He used steady, solid dependable players. More than that he knows he has players on his team that are FAST, FLANK RUNNERS. And, he will position them wisely to get the most out of "break-out plays". The opposition needs to have pacy defenders to keep up with these fast, flank runners.
John Carver is new to this league - has coaching experience in England... but, still new to this league. I believe that Toronto FC is still not there yet. I believe they need a good five games or so before they find their form. But, Maurice Edu, Marvell Wynne, and Brian Edwards peformed well for this match.
Columbus WON (2 - 0).

Match TWO : Chicago Fire vs. Real Salt Lake @ Rice-Eccles in Salt Lake City
Dennis Hamlett should be happy with his defenders. They showed to be solid and composed. And, they played like they understood where they have to play & hold. But, the Midfielders and Forwards needs more work, I believe. Diego Gutierrez, Bakary Soumare, and Justin Mapp all played well.
Jason Kreis's team looks more potent in offense... but, the key thing that stands out is how good Real Salt Lake's offense is in capitalizing on turn-overs and fast-breaks.
The problem for a lot of MLS teams playing Real Salt Lake at Rice-Eccles will be the stadium itself. It's artifical turf! This surface is not good for players who are trying to fight off old injuries. Also, it is very hard to control the ball on passes. Typically, the ball rolls off faster than many players can reach or catch up.
Played to a TIE (1 - 1).

Match THREE : Houston Dynamo vs. New England Revolution
Houston played like they normally do... like what we expect out of a 2-X MLS Cup winning team. The players in Houston Dynamo are experienced, well-positioned, well-controlled, and confident. But, today they found out that this season is NOT going to be as easy as last year. There's a lot more experience and talent in other MLS teams this year!
Steve Nicol and Asst. Coach Mariner should be very proud of their New England team. With just the addition of two or three younger players... it made a HUGE difference in New England's offense! WOW!!! Nyassi & Mansally are FAST!!! And, they play very well with the rest of the New England team. Mauricio Castro is a very good addition to the LEFT-FLANK! Once again, Shalrie Joseph EASILY proved why (in my mind) he is the BEST CENTRAL OFFENSIVE/DEFENSIVE midfielder in MLS. If New England can continue to play the way they did on opening day... Watch out Houston... Watch out DC-United... Watch out Chivas USA!
New England Revolution WON (3 - 0).

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mar. 3rd - Deadline for MLS Teams to be Roster & Salary Compliant

Well, it has been a long while since I posted. And, a LOT has happened with our LA Galaxy. A lot has happened for the GOOD, in my opinion. I believe that Head Coach Ruud Gullit, Asst. Coach Cobi Jones, Director of Soccer Paul Bravo, and, even, David Beckham involved are making good decisions for our LA Galaxy. Way to go, men... Keep it up - Do NOT falter! Ruud Gullit wants ALL of the team members to be very physically fit. He even mandated a more healthier diet for all of the players. I like it! Our LA Galaxy has been involved in spectacular pre-season matches to shape up our guys before the 2008 MLS season starts. So far, our LA Galaxy team has only won one of those pre-season tournament games. However, we have many youngsters in our team, now! I like that, too! Basically, Ruud wants ALL of the players on our LA Galaxy team to be able to play multiple field positions. Excellent! This makes for a better, more adaptive team especially in times of injuries. David Beckham is looking and playing determined, solid soccer. His passes and crosses are excellent. And, he's been playing all 90 minutes for almost all of the pre-season games. He really, really wants Fabio Capello (England National Team's Head Coach) to pick him and play him in an England national match so that he can earn his 100th National Team cap. I hope and pray that he gets that opportunity.

Okay, in my opinion, the following list of players should get WAIVED (let go)... Our LA Galaxy team needs to be salary compliant. Here are the players that have NOT impressed me... and, keep struggling to maintain good performance and distribution in games :
Kelly Gray (Midfielder/Defender/Center-Field) ; $ 88,000
Peter Vagenas (Midfielder/Defender/Center-Field) ; $ 132,000
Alan Gordon (Forward/2nd-Striker/Center-Field) ; $ 33,000
Kyle Martino (Midfielder/Left or Right Winger) ; $ 55,000
Kevin Harmse (Defender/Midfielder/Center-Field) ; $ 42,000
Ante Jazic (Left-Center Defender/Left-Back Defender) ; $ 110,000
Edson Buddle (Forward/1st & 2nd-Striker/Center- & Right-Field) ; $ 144,000
That will make seven (7) players that should be waived. By waiving these players , the LA Galaxy will save (will reduce) $ 604,000 from their salary cap. Now, how many remaining (active & staying) players are the LA Galaxy left with? The answer is : Twenty (20). These twenty (20) LA Galaxy players account for $ 1,811,000 in terms of Salary. That means, our LA Galaxy has $ 389,000 to use for attaining four or five more players that are hungry, eager, and would love to play for the LA Galaxy. These players must be willing to work hard, work together as a team, following strict diet, exercise, drills, and practice regimens, and be willing to play multiple field positions.

As the title of this post states... Mar. 3d is the MLS deadline for ALL MLS teams to have their total roster count under 28 individual players and also be salary compliant (Total <= $ 2,222,000) . Our LA Galaxy needs to bring players that can play these roles/positions:
Central Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder/Passing Midfielder
Left-Midfielder/Left-Winger/Passing Midfielder
Left-Forward/Left-Striker/1st Striker
Center-Fullback & Defender (Good speed, Good Organizer & Communicator)
Center-Forward/1st & 2nd Striker

I am really looking forward to our LA Galaxy play this 2008 season. I want all of the players to stay physically fit, sharp, healthy, and practiced. This year our LA Galaxy has to be top in Conference Table & Standing. Go GALAXY !

Sunday, January 27, 2008

What is our Galaxy 2008 Team looking like, so far...

I haven't been posting anything for about two to three weeks now... No, not because I was on vacation or didn't have anything to write... But, because it has been a real challenge to get timely information from the official MLS channels. I think several journalists on the West-Coast are feeling very frustrated that they cannot get the information they need in order to be able to give feedback to all the fans. I feel for them - I do. I know what it's like to be so desperate for information and updates, because I am just so passionate and so into that thing. Don't give up journalists - don't give up... as with everything else in American Capitalistic Society... "Something paid = Something given". Sorry, folks - in the end, it is about the dollars, the "chedda' ", if you will! LA Galaxy Management's primary concern is to make their Money Parents (AEG) happy! And, to that - they have to ensure that they mold, shape, and behave as if they are always protecting AEG's interests. Okay, enough about that... Let's move on - shall we!

The MLS Super-Draft 2008, the MLS Supplemental-Draft 2008, and several MLS trades have took place up to now. And, our LA Galaxy has brought in ten (10) young, fresh, eager players - YES!!! Honestly, I was getting very concerned that our LA Galaxy was going to become the "Retiring-Ready MLS Team"... Thank you Ruud, Paul, Cobi, Trevor, & Alexi for not letting this happen! Speed, Strength, Pace, Possession, Dribble-Control, and Tactics - keep saying these necessary characteristics over and over again... Our LA Galaxy must embody these characteristics. I am going to list below the players in the positions that "I THINK / HOPE" that they can play well in... Please understand that I have not seen our new draftees play on-field yet. Also, there are KEY POSITIONAL PLAYERS that our LA Galaxy still need to get.

_______________ (we must acquire a Natural Left-Fwd/Striker)
Ely Allen
Israel Sesay

Landon Donovan
Edson Buddle

Carlos Ruiz
Alan Gordon
Brendon McDonald

______________ (we must acquire a Natural Central Midfielder & Attacker)
Chris Klein
Josh Tudela

______________ (we must acquire a Natural Left Winger)
Mike Randolph
Kyle Martino
Daniel DeGeer

David Beckham
Greg Folk

Sean Franklin
Julian Valentin

Ty Harden
Matt Hatzke

Celestine Babayaro

Troy Roberts
Michael Gavin

Steve Cronin
Charles Alamo
Matt Allen

That means we should end up with a twenty-seven (27) man roster in 2008... where each member will train, practice, drill, scrimmage, and help each other to get better as a stronger, more potent team. So as you may have noticed there are several 2007 Galaxy roster members that our LA Galaxy management should trade out for younger players and/or allocation monies. As I see it, the following 2007 players should be a welcomed, good fit for the following destination MLS teams:

San Jose Earthquakes :
Kelly Gray (MID-DEF) , Kevin Harmse (DEF-MID) , & Ante Jazic (DEF-RGHT/DEF-LEFT)

Columbus Crew :
Quavas Kirk (CNTRL-FB) , Peter Vagenas (MID)

I am also "assuming" that Clint Mathis & Abel Xavier are NOT returning back to the LA Galaxy in 2008. Although these individuals have tons of experience, they are also too slow for the fast-paced games of MLS.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Yr. 2008 Galaxy Team Squad that I would form...

Well, it's officially 2008. In Europe, January brings transfer window openings for the new year... and, this January in Europe the transfer rumors are whirling and starting to pick up tremendous speed and force. Back here in the US, we have the MLS Combine, MLS SuperDraft, and MLS Team Trading taking place from 2nd week of January 'til the MLS Season opens. Officially, for 2008, MLS season opens on March 29th.

As I have been saying in all of my previous posts... our LA Galaxy must make good, solid, reliable acquisitions and trades this coming January 2008. Our LA Galaxy team really needs Depth, Fast-Pace, Strength, Tactics, Posession & Dribble Control. We cannot be "sacrificial lambs" laying at the bottom of the MLS Conference Table anymore. Check out my post on Thursday, Dec. 27th on which group of guys I like and want that are eligible for the MLS Draft. But, being eligible doesn't mean that these guys will want to enter into MLS League plays/contracts... If they are serious about soccer and their skill-building... they may opt for playing soccer in the European arena (England, France, Holland, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden, or Scotland). So, because of this uncertainty both with players' options and choices - plus, since there are also at least nine other MLS teams competing for Draft Picks besides LA...

So, I'm going to construct a Galaxy Team Squad with tested and proven MLS players I've come to watch and study within MLS League Games since 2006. I know that in order to make up this "fantasy" team of mine... I'm going to assume that practically most of the 2008 LA Galaxy MLS Draft picks, plus player trades included would have to be carried out in order to form this team. So be it... Here are my picks :

Power/Center Forward : Jovan Kirovski (6'-1"; 175lbs; 32 yrs old; 4 yrs in MLS)
Right-Field Forward : Carlos Ruiz (5'-9"; 180lbs; 29 yrs old; 6 yrs in MLS)
Left-Field Forward : Clint Mathis (5'10"; 175lbs; 32 yrs old; 8 yrs in MLS)
Power/Center Forward : Landon Donovan (5'-8"; 155lbs; 26 yrs old; 7 yrs in MLS)
Right-Field Forward : Dave Vandenbergh (6'-3"; 180lbs; 32 yrs old; 2 yrs MLS + 11 yrs INT'L)
Left-Field Forward : Dema Kovalenko (5'-8"; 162 lbs; 31 yrs old; 7 yrs in MLS)

Power/Center Mid : Stefani Miglioranzi (6'-1"; 165 lbs; 31 yrs old; 1 yr MLS + 5 yrs INT'L)
Right-Field Mid : David Beckham (6'-0"; 165lbs; 33 yrs old; 12 yrs INT'L [EPL & La Liga])
Left-Field Mid : Carlos Marinelli ; (5'-8"; 160 lbs; 26 yrs old; 1 yr MLS + 6 yrs INT'L)
Power/Center Mid : Ned Grabavoy (5'-7"; 155lbs; 25 yrs old; 4 yrs MLS)
Right-Field Mid : Chris Klein (6'-1"; 180lbs; 32 yrs old; 9 yrs MLS)
Left-Field Mid : Eloy Colombano (5'-8"; 160lbs; 25 yrs old; 1 yr MLS + 5 yrs INT'L)
Right-Field Mid : Ronnie O'Brien (5'-10"; 165 lbs; 29 yrs old; 5 yrs MLS + 3 yrs INT'L)
Left-Field Mid : Carl Robinson (5'10"; 165 lbs; 32 yrs old; 1 yr MLS + 9 Yrs INT'L)

Center-FB Def : Facundo Erpen (6'-0"; 180lbs; 25 yrs old; 2 yrs MLS + 3 yrs INT'L)
Center-FB Def : Ugo Ihemelu (6'-0"; 180lbs; 25 yrs old; 3 yrs MLS)
Right-SB Def : Troy Roberts (5'-11"; 180lbs; 25 yrs old; 3 yrs MLS)
Left-SB Def : Mike Randolph (5'-7"; 155lbs; 23 yrs old; 1 yr MLS)
Center-FB Def : Jean-Martial Kipre (5'-7"; 155lbs; 23 yrs old; 1 yr MLS + 4 yrs INT'L)
Center-FB Def : Kevin Goldwaithe (6'-1"; 170lbs; 26 yrs old; 3 yrs MLS)
Right-SB Def : Ty Harden (6'-1"; 190lbs; 24 yrs old; 2 yrs MLS)
Left-SB Def : Josh Tudela (5'-9"; 160lbs; 24 yrs old; 1 yr MLS)

Goal-Keeper : Steve Cronin (6'-2"; 195lbs; 25 yrs old; 1 yr MLS)
Goal-Keeper : Justin Myers (6'-2"; 205lbs; 23 yrs old; 0-1 yr MLS)
Goal-Keeper : Chris Konopka (6'-5"; 215lbs; 23 yrs old; 0-1 yr MLS)

Midfield-Fwd : Israel Sesay (5'-7"; 145lbs; 17 yrs old; 0-1 MLS)

This would then be a 26-man roster. I know in my previous post(s), I had tried to come up with a more acheivable 24-man roster. Keep in mind that this above is my "fantasy-team squad". As you can immediately notice, I have placed the guys who have the most soccer experience as forwards and midfielders (the 'play-makers)... while the younger guys as the stoppers/passers/interference-runners. Remember, folks... soccer games are won many at times beacuse of a smart, quick, expert play put out on the pitch that took altogether a matter of several many seconds. That's all you have out on the soccer pitch to turn the tide of a game!

So, using the numbers from one of my previous posts... twelve (12) non-waived 2007 Galaxy Players had to be traded and exchanged out to free up $1,275,000 that can now go towards the 2008 "fantasy-team squad's" MLS Salary caps. In my opinion - I've constructed a 2008 Galaxy team above that with pre-season practice, drills, fitness-training, and team-work can give the 2007 MLS Conference Champion, finalist, and semi-finalists a tough, worrisome challenge in 2008!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Yr. 2008 & 2009 - LA Galaxy should make a STRONG comeback!

Well, folks... I tried - I tried to not think about soccer for a couple of days. Man, what was I thinking??? There's no way I can stay away from this beautiful game. It's New Year's eve, ladies & gents. Time to put our lost & defeated memories of our LA Galaxy behind us. Time to rebuild anew. Time to breathe, eat, act, live portions of victory for our LA Galaxy. LA Galaxy Management & AEG... make sure that the mission-focus for these next two to three years ahead is to make our LA Galaxy a strong, fast, tactically-superior MLS team. It must be Objective Number One! Okay - so I hope that I was able to 'pep' all of your spirits.

The reason for my post - other than to get everyone thinking positive thoughts for our LA Galaxy in the coming years ahead... to remind everyone that January 2008 is upon us. And that means... YES! MLS Combine (Jan. 11th - 15th in Ft. Lauderdale, FL) followed by our extremely anticipated MLS SuperDraft (Jan.18th in Baltimore, MD). After which, the 2008 Trades become well under way. Please take a look at my earlier posts on my choices on the MLS SuperDraft/Combine... plus, who are all the existing players that I believe should be exchanged out (traded).

Here is the break-down of LA Galaxy's MLS Super-Draft positions (as I last saw it, at least two weeks back) :
Round 1 : Pick # 4
Round 2 : Pick #s' 21 , 25 , 27
Round 3 : Pick #s' 29 , 32 , 34

So, accordingly, here is the break-down then of how our LA Galaxy's exisiting MLS players can be exchanged out, and other MLS players from other MLS teams can be traded in :
Round 1 : NONE
Round 2 : Four(4) opportunities for LA Galaxy
Round 3 : Two(2) opportunities for LA Galaxy

Now, for this exchanging out - trading in time-period... I have come up with a list of MLS players that I would like to see traded into our New LA Galaxy team for 2008. There will probably be many reasons NOT to agree with my list... but, I have a strong feeling that these players listed below just needs the right player and group combinations to bring out their excellence and value - especially when members of our LA Galaxy team have to go out for US National Squad Duty, or worse - are out on injuries.

Ned Grabavoy (from San Jose Earthquakes) - MIDFLDR; 25 yrs. old; 5'-7"; 160 lbs; 4 yrs MLS
Chris Brown (from Real Salt Lake) - MIDFLD-FWD; 31 yrs. old; 5'-11"; 180 lbs; 8 yrs MLS
Jean-Martial Kipre (from Real Salt Lake) - DEFNDR/LFT-BACK; 24 yrs. old; 5'-8"; 155lbs; 1 yr MLS + 3 yrs INT'L
Justin Myers (from Chivas USA) - GOALKPR; 23 yrs. old; 6'-2"; 195 lbs; 0 - 1 yr MLS
Chris Konopka (from Kansas City Wizards) - GOALKPR; 23 yrs. old; 6'-5"; 215 lbs; 0-1 yr MLS

The LA Galaxy team for 2008, 2009, & 2010 must be formed with the intention of SKILL, STRENGTH, TACTICS, and PACE... Practice, Drills, Toning, Conditioning, and watching previous MLS games & matches to fully understand the opponents are all necessary. Take care , caution, pupose, and deliberation in forming the 2008 LA Galaxy squad. I am hoping that together - Hd. Coach Gullit, Asst. Coach Jones, Dirctr. Bravo, GM Lalas, and CEO Liewecke - the path to success, winning, and longetivity will be forged.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

My picks for our LA Galaxy from the MLS Combine list...

Well, as far as uncertain & "hopefully/just-perhaps" rumors go... from my extensive internet scouring - so far, there have been reports from "private international blog-sites" that LA Galaxy management are interested in acquiring two(2) European Power-Forwards. And, that would be Maciej "Magic" Zurawski (currently, of the Scotland Celtics FC - contract ends in Jan. '08) and, Darren Huckerby (currently, of the Norwich City Canary-Footballers - where Norwich City is desperately seeking new fresh blood to revive their camp). Personally, I would really love to see both of these individuals in our LA Galaxy playing beside and improving both Landon Donovan's and Clint Mathis's plays. So, you have my two-thumbs-up, LA Galaxy management to go ahead and get these two experienced, much needed positional players into our team. As an added note, please... please do NOT go after and sign Andriy Schevchenko from Chelsea. Please don't... LA Galaxy will end up paying out way too much for a footballer whose frustration is exceedingly high - but, whose on-the-pitch fast plays has (very sorry to say) left him. I kid you not, Schevenko will make the LA Galaxy bleed out money. So, don't sign him.

But, I am very worried that I have heard nothing of our LA Galaxy pursuing to acquire Midfield positional talent - namely, Left-Midfield and Center-Midfield. Why? No good prospects seem to be interested? I know that BOTH Ruud Gullit & David Beckham - together must have some connections to attain these much needed positional players for our LA Galaxy. Well, in order to help them out... As any true, loyal LA Galaxy fan needs to do... is to go to the MLS Combine list and do research and study on that list. In my mind, I'll let Ruud & David handle the European search... while I help to get started on American prospects. Remember, LA Galaxy - the MLS Combine Draft/Selection is just around the corner - 2nd-to-3rd week in January 2008!!!

So here's my selections :

Forward(s) [I was only impressed with one(1) Forward out of the seven that were there] :
Lukasz Tumicz (University of Rhode Island; 5'-11"; 170lbs; from Bisztynek, Poland).

Midfielder(s) [This was the biggest group in the MLS Combine listing, but to me - there were three(3) names that really stood out] :
Pavle Dundjer (University of Illinois - Chicago; 5'-9"; 165lbs; from Belgrade, Serbia)
El Hadj Cisse (North Carolina State University; 5'-11"; 172lbs; from New York City, NY)
Joseph Germanese (Duke University; 5'-10"; 165lbs; from St. Louis, Missouri).

Defender(s) [The next biggest group in the MLS Combine listing, however again only three(3) names that would fit in really well with our LA Galaxy... Team Chemistry/Respect/Cooperation is everything in the long-run!!!] :
David Horst (Old Dominion University; 6'-4"; 195lbs; from Pine Grove, Pennsylvania)
Yomby Williams (Old Dominion University; 6'-4"; 185lbs; from Bafoussam, Cameroon)
Gary Nicholson (Furman University; 6'-2"; 170lbs; from London, England).

GoalKeeper(s) [This is the smallest group in the MLS Combine listing... for me only one(1) name really stood out and convinced me that this person would be a good fit in our LA Galaxy. Remember, GoalKeepers are really good in their 27 - 35 age range; but, it also depends on how many games they have played altogether... the higher the number the number of games, the more valuable the goalkeeper] :
Chris Austin (Michigan State University; 6'-4"; 205lbs; from Livonia, Michigan).

In Soccer - as in many other sports, of course - Team Trust, Team Dynamics, Team Drills & Practices are very, very important. This is why Ruud, Cobi, Lalas, Ian Feuer have to make firm that practice and drills in the months of February & March are a must! The team must be in very good physical fitness and on-the-pitch form by the time MLS Season 2008 starts! Make mo mistake my dear Galaxians - DC United, New England Revolution, New York Red Bulls, Kansas City Wizards, Chivas USA, and even Real Salt Lake are coming to play fast & furious... their aim to secure the top-standing as quickly and as forcefully as possible.

Get ready, Galaxians - let's make it unmistakeably clear to LA Galaxy management & AEG... that the LA Galaxy team is out to WIN, WIN, WIN !!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

'Twas the Day before X'Mas. And, all is still...

Happy Holidays to everyone... The day before Christmas - I hope that everyone has already got most of their "obligatory" shopping / cards / cooking / preparations out of the way. Howver, knowing how busy our daily lives are nowadays - I suspect that this year like others has its moments of frustrations and tortures right around this time. Stay positive everyone - Hang in there - Please try to not lose your cool. The last thing anybody wants is to get into alteractions and/or accidents. That being said - if anybody is planning to "party" hard... Please be smart and designate a friend-shapparone-driver.

Well, 'twas the day before X'Mas. And, all is still "quiet & uncertain" as far as LA Galaxy News/Rumors/Indications towards how next year is going to be. I don't know about the rest of you, but, I'm going through a (withdrawal = yes, but) slight depression somewhat. And, why is there absolutely NO NEW NEWS from our Official LA Galaxy Blog since Dec. 13th (that's eleven days now without a peep!)

I've been scouring Soccer Insider, Soccer by Ives, Sideline Views, Du Nord, and FanNation-Truth or Rumors sites like a "crazed junkie" to see if anyone has even a morsel of LA Galaxy news. And, to my "unquenchable thirsty dismay"... Nada. The last I heard was that Atiba Harris of RSL has been traded to Chivas USA for money a draft-pick. I am certain that there is "wheels and deals" in the works (that's kept on the "hush-hush"). I know that many of you must get that same feeling, right? Or, is it just my wishful thinking? Well, it looks like LA Galaxy is getting another supporters group - The AngelCity Brigade - they will occupy Section 120 (I believe) at the Home Depot Center. Before games - The ACB gather in Lot 13 at the HDC for rally and pre-game discussions.

I am really, really hoping that the LA Galaxy makes good, solid, reliable acquisitions and trades this coming January 2008. Our LA Galaxy team really needs Depth, Fast-Pace, Strength, Tactics, Posession & Dribble Control. We cannot be "sacrificial lambs" laying at the bottom of the MLS Conference Table anymore. You guys can check my previous post (Dec. 15th, 2007) for my ideas/plans for suggested Team Roster upgrades & changes. I know after you guys read it there will be some of you that will oppose some of my proposed roster changes. Just, please keep in mind that I designed it so that we LA Galaxy will get back $800K(+) to utilize for players with a lot more of the characteristics I listed just above.

As always, I am passionate about this beautiful game... PLAY w/ HEART & SOUL !

Here's to hoping and wishing that Gullit , Bravo , Lalas , Liewecke , and Jones will have their "Tacticians + Winners" Cap on! Our LA Galaxy must get back in the Top Three in ranking at the MLS Conference Table.

P.S.: I have read some of the comments & suggestions made by LA Galaxy BigSoccer Blogger regulars regarding the posting made by 'Galaxy Steve' asking LA Galaxy fans what are suggestions to INCREASE FAN LOYALTY & FAN EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT! If any of you get a chance - I would suggest that you at least check it out... Our LA Galaxy BigSoccer Bloggers were being "down-right truthful" and "point-in-fact" responding back to 'Galaxy Steve'. Many of their suggestions were truthful, insightful, and heart-felt, in my opinion. After reading it - I am hoping you will all agree - that we are a LOYAL & PASSIONATE bunch, especially on the inside... eventhough, we may not always show it on the outside. I'm proud to be a LA Galaxy fan. So, by God, AEG & Galaxy Management - don't ruin this extraordinary team and this beautiful game by allowing LA Galaxy to become a "Media-Pompous, Skill & Depth-Lacking Farce". Believe us when we tell you that we are intelligent enough to know right from wrong... good from bad... soccer skill, depth, love, and greatness from photo-shoots/glitz/marketing ooohs & aaahs !!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My "break down" on Team Squad Changes/Upgrades

First of all - wishing a Happy Holiday season to all!

Since our LA Galaxy team needs major over-haul/upgrades this off-season, I came up with a reasonable plan as to how to get this accomplished. I am going to assume our LA Galaxy is going to be training & playing in the 1-4-3-3 format. This means the players we will absolutely need going into Yr. 2008 & 2009 are:

Power/Center Forward (One-on-One, Tactics) : ___ (to be scouted & acquired); X1
Right-Field Forward (Posession, Assist) : LANDON DONOVAN ; $325K towards cap
Left-Field Forward (Posession, Assist) : CLINT MATHIS ; $150K towards cap
Power/Center Forward - Relief/Sub : EDSON BUDDLE ; $158K towards cap
Right-Field Forward - Relief/Sub : ISRAEL SESAY ; DEVEL.
Left-Field Forward - Relief/Sub : ___ ; DEVEL. (from MLS-Draft / MLS Combine)

Power/Center Midfielder (Speed, Tactics, Posession) : ___ (to be scouted & acquired); X2
Right-Field Midfielder (Posession, Tactics, Assist) : DAVID BECKHAM ; $400K towards cap
Left-Field Midfielder (Posession, Tactics, Assist) : ___ (to be scouted & acquired); X3
Power/Center Midfielder - Relief/Sub : JOSH TUDELA ; $36K towards cap
Right-Field Midfielder - Relief/Sub : KELLY GRAY ; $90K towards cap
Left-Field Midfielder - Relief/Sub : KYLE MARTINO ; $60K towards cap
Right-Field Midfileder - Relief/Sub : ___ ; (MLS Combine - Senior/College)
Left-Field Midfielder - Relief/Sub : ___ ; (MLS Combine - Senior/College)

Center-FB Defender (Strength, Height, Speed, Posession) : TROY ROBERTS ; $36K towards cap
Center-FB Defender (Strength, Height, Speed, Posession) : TY HARDEN ; $36K towards cap
Right-SB Defender (Speed, Possession, Strength, Assist) : CHRIS ALBRIGHT ; $150K towards cap
Left-SB Defenfer (Speed, Posession, Strength, Assist) : MIKE RANDOLPH ; $36K towards cap
Center-FB Defender - Relief/Sub : ___ ; DEVEL. (MLS-Draft / MLS Combine)
Center-FB Defender - Relief/Sub : QUAVAS KIRK ; ADIDAS-GENER.
Right-SB Defender - Relief/Sub : ___ ; DEVEL. (MLS-Draft / MLS Combine)
Left-SB Defender - Releif/Sub : ___ ; DEVEL. (MLS-Draft / MLS Combine)

GOAL-KEEPER (Stopping, Intuition, Marking, Height) : STEVE CRONIN ; $45K towards cap
GOAL-KEEPER - Relief/Sub : ___ ; DEVEL. (MLS-Draft / MLS Combine)
Hence, this will lead to a 24-man Team Roster, where established (continuing) players will take up almost $1.5 million of our allotted cap. This should then leave about $810K left for acquiring the very much needed KEY-POSITIONAL players (indicated above by X1, X2, and X3).

Hence, that would then mean that the 2007 Galaxy players listed below would have to be released and/or exchanged:
Abel Xavier ($164K) ; Pete Vagenas ($138K) ; Ante Jazic ($120K) ; Kevin Harmes ($43K) ; and, Alan Gordon ($34K) ; Carlos Pavon (Waived) ; Kyle Veris (Waived) ; Lance Friesz (Waived) ; Mike Caso (Waived) .

Now... Here is where I had an interesting idea! I am really thinking that our fresh/upgraded LA Galaxy Team for 2008 & 2009 would really benefit by transitioning Joe Cannon ($201K) and Chris Klein ($196K) into two (2) LA Galaxy Staff roles. Joe Cannon, in my opinion, would make a very good Asst. Coach - working alongside & supporting Asst. Coach Cobi Jones. And, Chris Klein, aslo in my opinion, would make an excellent Head Atheltic Trainer. Both of these guys are natural leaders... each have 7 years-plus experience playing in MLS.

In my mind, these two individuals can and should be used to guide, assist, train, and test the Galaxy Players Squad of 2008 & 2009. This way, Head Coach Gullit will get the advantages and sum knowledge of three veteran MLS players going forward.

Here's hoping that LA Galaxy 2008 & 2009 will get back into MLS Western Conference Semi-Finals & Finals again for 2008 & 2009 :-)